Houses and commercial buildings in Burlington, Aldershot, Waterdown, Hamilton, Oakville, Milton, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Binbrook, and Mississauga have heating systems in place to heat their interiors during chilly winter months. Ideally, Southern Ontario home and commercial business owners should also have a ventilation system in place to assist with the delivery of fresh, healthy air to their living and working spaces, and to provide heat or cool air recovery with proven energy cost savings. At Gregs Plumbing and Heating, our Burlington plumbing experts are capable of installing the following residential or commercial ventilation products:

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system

Also known as a heat exchanger, air exchanger, or air to air heat exchanger, heat recovery ventilation systems are ideal for homes and commercial buildings in cold climates. HRVs provide proper ventilation while removing excess humidity, thus improving climate control and promoting efficient energy use. Our Burlington plumbing crew’s heat recovery ventilation systems also reduce the stress placed on a building’s heating and air conditioning system.

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system

Suitable for use in both warm and cold climates, an energy recovery ventilation system recovers heat and a portion of excess humidity to prevent overly-dry residential or commercial interior air, while also obstructing excessive interior humidity. Our Burlington plumbing specialists’ ERVs also recuperate any energy trapped inside of moisture to improve its heat recovery efficiency.

Gregs Plumbing and Heating’s ventilation systems are durable, long-lasting, easy to install, and easy to use, and are available with a wide range of wall control and filtration options. Should your home or commercial enterprise already have a heat recovery ventilation system or energy recovery ventilation system in place that is in need of maintenance, then trust our Burlington plumbing team for quick and effective ventilation services. To further explore our company’s ventilation systems, such heating services as commercial heating and residential heating, or our plumbing services which include plumbing repairs, residential plumbing, and commercial plumbing, please contact our Burlington plumbing experts!

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